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  1. Last name of NBA players Giannis and his brother Thanasis on the Milwaukee Bucks
  2. Rounds used in target practice
  3. Apple pie ___ mode (2 wds.)
  4. Symbol in "The Big Bang Theory" logo
  5. Italian automaker since 1899
  6. Affixes with a needle and thread (2 wds.)
  7. Judge played by Kenneth Choi on "The People vs. O.J. Simpson"
  8. Sharpen, as a knife
  9. Barn door hardware
  10. Not against thinking about, as a suggestion (2 wds.)
  11. Contractor's quote for a repair (Abbr.)
  12. Trembling with fear
  13. Last name of NBA players Seth on the Brooklyn Nets and his brother, Steph, on the Golden State Warriors
  14. Last name of NBA players Marcus on the Los Angeles Clippers and his twin brother, Markieff, on the Miami Heat
  15. Ball-shaped part of a metalworking hammer
  16. Psychic hotline staffer, theoretically
  17. Didn't allow to pass, as a bill
  18. Fundraising dinner, often
  19. Perfect season spoiler
  20. Displayed in abundance, as confidence
  21. Taken unfair advantage of (Hyph.)
  22. Big name in mouthwash
  23. Online periodical
  24. State of calmness and tranquility
  25. Gun, as a car engine
  26. Emmy-winning sitcom starring Allison Janney and Anna Faris
  27. Enters slowly and carefully (2 wds.)
  28. Mountain contraption with moving chairs (2 wds.)
  29. Landform similar to a butte
  30. "Gangnam Style" music genre (Hyph.)
  31. "The ___ of the Worlds" (H.G. Wells novel)
  32. "Field of Dreams" state
  33. Acorn-producing trees
  34. Classic sitcom "Sanford and ___"
  35. Los Angeles NFL player since 2016
  36. Inhabitants of a classroom "farm"
  37. Horror actor Chaney known as "The Man of a Thousand Faces"
  38. Shakespearean poem with 14 lines
  39. Many "Grey's Anatomy" caregivers (Abbr.)
  40. Close forcefully, as a door
  41. Lamb Chop puppeteer Lewis
  42. Oktoberfest beer mugs
  43. Legendary football coach ___ Alonzo Stagg
  44. Circular current
  45. The "E" of "BPOE"
  46. Easy-on baby outfit
  47. "Hold ___ your hat!" (2 wds.)
  48. Locker room emanation
  49. Last name of NBA players Caleb on the Miami Heat and his twin brother, Cody, on the Charlotte Hornets
  50. Last name of NBA players Brook on the Milwaukee Bucks and his twin brother, Robin, on the Cleveland Cavaliers
  51. Hall of Famer Rod who was an MLB All-Star for 18 consecutive seasons
  52. Northern state depicted on "Ice Road Truckers"
  53. Top corporate managers, informally
  54. "Beautiful Girls" singer Kingston
  55. Ascending direction of a graph
  56. Least cooked
  57. "Call of Duty: World at War" vehicle
  58. Chicken (out)
  59. A few
  60. Singer/actress ___ Dean of the "Pitch Perfect" films